Tuxedo Rental


Faceton's proud of experience in serving customers in other cities by express; it’s possible to use the tuxedo you like on our website, just it takes several steps as followed, you’ll find it’s so easy to have a tuxedo no need to come to our shop again and again:

1. Measure body size exactly at most. [Sizing Chart] This chart shows sizes we need to make sure the tuxedo(s) you need, and how to size, i.e. sizing can be done by ourselves.

2. On-line Fitting: Virtual model helps much choosing tuxedo and accessories.

3. Out of Town, book on-line, at this page, tuxedo item no’s, accessories’ no, sizing needed all shown, fill each one by one, and then send this page with sizing chart back to Faceton. Our consultant will reply in 1 hour.

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Freely choose 2 tuxes you like, consultant will help in matching your tux and your bride’s dress by bow tie, cummerbund or other accessories of similar color. Rental items includes jacket, pants, formal shirt, bow tie, cummerbund, pocket square, but no shoes, please be noted.

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800/1300RMB charged by 3 days, if only need 1 day or 2 days, please contact our shop for further price; if need tux out of town, (sizing chart) and 4days or longer, we advise you to order ready-made tux or MTM tux priced 2580-3680RMB, which can be rush finished in 3 days. BTW, FIRST RENTAL WILL BE REDUCED IN FUTURE BESPOKE TAILORING SERVICE, i.e. tux can be worn once free for customers choose our further bespoke service.

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